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the EU and Britain?

Whatever happens, VOTE TODAY ! Whichever way you roll, VOTE TODAY because it is looking like a CLOSE race.

Don’t let your own apathy or confusion, let the loonies win.

VOTE! for whatever you believe in…

golden-gate-bridge-1030999_640We’ve been lied to on both sides!
It’s ALL about “personal power”.
There is no clear cut, black and white option. Europe is far from perfect. The UK being alone is not perfect either.

The bureaucrats in Brussels have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
The UK government (all parties) have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
It seems like an impossible NO WIN situation. And “I” think it is. But that’s even more why you should VOTE..

The facts are distorted. I’m not sure who to believe.
But the Liverpool PHD Professor who’s “JOB” for the last 4 years has been EU Law, “may” be telling the truth.

My takeaway of his talk;

  1. He is disrespectful to his own students by saying they do not pay attention as well as his press conference.
  2. He is concerned with his own job and his own power, whether he admits it or not.
  3. He says we are better off INSIDE financially, trade agreement which are MORE open, than ANY other option.
  4. We can influence the EU more from than the inside, than out, although by how much may not be as great as we’d hope.
  5. THE BIGGEST CONCERN, “IF” we leave, UL law would have to be re-written, from the past 30 odd years. THAT can’t be done, logistically, in the time available, by “PARLIAMENT” (where the most voices are heard). So the reality is UK LAW would be re-defined by the CURRENT (right wing Tory) government and their bureaucrats. And that scares the CR*P out of me because I have little faith in the UK government (any party) to do anything.


I despise President “I HATE BRITAIN” Obama saying Britain would be on the BOTTOM of any trade agreements. FU my brother!

I despite the EEC president for doing 2 power plays the day before the vote. “OUT IS OUT” (irreversible) then loaded with “NO MORE CONCESSIONS FOR THE UK” it already got the maximum it can get.

I hate all the politicians on BOTH sides, for this being a personal power struggle, where they will say what ever they think people want to hear. Even if it means changing their own minds between pillar to post.

I despise my UK MEP (who ever he is) for not making the EU more accessible in the UK.

I loathe the bureaucrats in Brussels who can control what “seeds” I am allowed to grow and any other barmy cross border laws.

I loathe the way governance keep siting terrorism as the need to keep International Law as unregulated (my words) as possible.
Of course no one wants terrorism. But IF we were alone, WHY wouldn’t we cooperate? Isn’t that what interpol did back in the day?
What actually has the EU got to do with Cross Border Law? NOTHING! It’s up to each country to cooperate, regardless. We shouldn’t need sub laws to negotiate that. We are either ALL in for law and order, or we aren’t. It has nothing to do with being in a “club”, like the EU. We would/should cooperate anyway!

And in the same breath, are we safer with the EU determining what human rights are? It seems we have needed to rely on more than our own opinion and apathy towards human rights, to HAVE to be told what to do. Crazy right? But human rights have increased with the EU, not diminished.


I have zero confidence in Brussels and the EU, but I also have zero confidence in the UK government (all parties).

Should it be that Britain’s need to rely on Brussels to make the UK do the “right thing”? Of course not! But if we leave, can we trust the UK government to do the right thing? Trade unions seem concerned…


In Star Trek, Spock told us “the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few”. Kirk repeated it. BUT the episode was really about the needs of the few – with EACH LIFE being irreplaceable and precious. How far are you willing to go (i.e. how many people should die) to support hat belief? Because letting individuals die, is NOT OK either. You see very little is blakc and white. It’s nearly always mirky grey.

Balance is in a constant state of flux.

So let’s step back and think WHAT Britain should strive for. Sure we never even get close. But if we could?

  • Is we are not racists, can immigration even be an issue? Shouldn’t free borders be a part of the Utopian world?
  • We complain about the LOAD on our resources like the NHS and BENEFITS, but if we are “caring” citizens of the planet earth, should we not help our brothers and sisters?
    I find it quite sickening that the main thrust of the debate was on immigration.
    The reality seems to be the net effect is so minimal, it is blown out of all proportion. But even if it was 1:1, 65 million new people, should we still not TRY to do the right thing, and give help where it is needed? I keep thinking of the photos of people feeling their violence torn homes looking for asylum, in rowing boats, that many never make the journey. I think of the reception they get from any potential safe harbour. The rejection, to go and die somewhere else.
    How can we vote for a world more like that?
  • We complain about the money we pool with the EU, and what we could do better with it.
    Yet the government (all parties) can’t manage the money the do have.
    People IGNORE the net benefit on free trade, jobs, studying and living abroad, because it’s more convenient.
    We complain when part of that fund is allocated back to our own UK needs, like farmers or urban areas, or education, basically because internal the UK government does not value these as much, on their own.
  • We complain about EU laws (the bent bananas was tabloid exaggerated) yet WHY did we not already have equal pay, a maximum working week, and whatever other health and work force policies the EU “has” given us.
    Whatever it is, it has worked for over 30 years now.

The list just goes on and on. Pros and Cons. There are always cons. The pros always come at an expense to somebody!

But is the mission statement to be better brothers with our neighbors.
Isn’t it correct that we should “contribute” to a globally fairer, world? In “Kennedian” “ask not what the EU can do for you, but what you can do for the EU”.

On a purely practical basis, it seems like leaving the EU would be a mammoth task with some potentially vast ramifications.

Do you believe the UK government (any party) will do any more, any better, on it’s own, or IF we “stay” in the EU, with our neighbors to keep us in check?

I’ve already mentioned I have no faith in the UK government (any party) AND no faith in what “some” call the fourth Reich either.
But should we stand apart and not play with our neighbors, or should we try to help influence and shape it form the inside, in the little (1:28) way that we can?

Or is it more likely, (but still undesirable) that COMBINED, with the EU to keep the UK in check, and the UK to have a (small 1:28) voice in what the EU check, is more possible to be better for the actual “people”?

I don’t like governance but I don’t like the alternative either. At G8 and so on, they actually decide who (how many millions in what country) dies and who lives!  I can’t support that as a citizen of earth. Global warming, world population and the yanks think the can buy a poor countries allocation so they can maintain their polluting lifestyle. It is NOT the “people” who are voting that. They aren’t even thinking about it. It’s the politicians who are pulling the strings there.

The system, either way is broken. But is it better to work on the system and try and make it better “together” or do you believe that Britain is actually capable of looking after itself, completely?

If Brexit win, and crazy man Boris becomes PM, and we are not in the EU anymore, what will Britain like like then?
What will the NHS look like then? (They already move the pension age. They already converted savings into self help care. They already prioritise who gets what care)
What will taxation look like then?
What funding to things that matter, will be happening?
Will the UK invest in farming and urban areas and education, if let to their own devices? They have existing debt. They have armies to build. They have cross border trading treaties to pay for (probably including the EU like Norway already have to, according to the Liverpool PHD professor).

Honesty it seems hopeless!

So my “feeling” is we should not want to be racist and isolated. I have “slightly” more faith in a seven headed hydra (the EU) than a one headed hydra (the UK) to do things for human rights, and superficially fairer governance for the “people”.

Conversely if we stay in the EU, I think in 20 years, we will have the Euro, we will have more seemingly crazy EU laws, we will have more immigrants, but the world “is” global, it’s not just about me, me, me.

But in theory, in 20 years, we will also all be speaking Chinese and the EU will be replaced be the China Union, simply on numbers and accumulated wealth. (where did you think Ali Baba money goes?)

Do we want to negotiate our entry in to the ” CU” (Chinese Union) on our own, isolated? Or do want to be 1 voice in the 28?

As we can’t rely on the Obama’s, Trump’s or Clinton’s of this world, to have our backs, what can we believe in?

As I said, the threat of 30 years of UK Law being re-written by UK bureaucrats working for the current UK Tory government (right wing if crazy Boris does become PM) without the oversight (meddling) of the EU, terrifies the most. It’s close to the Orwellian state than I dare imagine.

That terrifies FAR FAR more than doing the right thing and having immigrants and open borders and open cross border EU trading, and a 1 in 28 voice in what human rights matter and what superficial qualities of life matter to “calm the people” in the usual governance style.

But no other option is any better either.

So as always when overwhelmed with fear and having been massively lied to on both sides, I pick the less painful option. Not the right option. The better option. Or the more informed option.

I just believe in being a more global citizen of earth (i.e. 1 in 28 inside the EU) is less of the Orwellian state as I can influence right now.

Do I want to appoint crazy Boris as PM and do I want UK law re-written by the bureaucrats of the current UK government, without any oversight by the EU, not so much !

Did I personally think that I could “personally” do better out of the EU controls? Absolutely. I believe the UK could forge better trade deals, especially with Europe. But the EU president has had has little powerplay tantrum already (“Irreversible. Out is Out. No more concessions if in”) and then there’s Norway. So it seems they will be PETTY and punish the UK for many, many decades to come, if we “dare” to leave and disrupt THEIR power circle. I’m sick of it all, to be honest.

Everyone is just in it for themselves!

And as an entrepreneur so am I too! Do I act selfishly to favour myself, my family and friends? Of course!
I believe that the needs of the one, is not bypassable either!

YET I have the small niggle that “the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few”
YET that can not be so, because every single life is precious.
So again it comes down to how many people are you prepared to let die, to protect the “concept” of the needs of the one?
But what if YOU are the one? Or your child? Or your best BFF friend?
What if the needs of the many requires INJUSTICE, torture, death !

As an entrepreneur I will “adapt” to survive whether we are in or out. Out is probably more profitable for me “personally”, but as a citizen of Earth, should I give Brussels a selfish “moonie”? Of course not. NOW the lies on either side do not matter. THEIR power plays and Brussels power plays do not matter.  It’s simply about the best compromise between the needs of the many AND the needs of the few.

I will survive either way. One is easier and more profitable personally, but as a citizen of Earth, I have to vote for my brothers and sisters, “the people”, not for some greedy government and regardless of some greedy government – be it UK or EU.

It’s never black and white…

Should any of it be this way? No of course not!

But if you don’t vote, the WORST thing possible will happen with your blessing… as no vote means YES to no voice. How more Orwellian can you make your own world? I mean seriously? No voting! Shouldn’t we be voting as step for a LARGER voice “inside” the Eu? How does exiting increase that voice? It may line our own pockets. Or feed your racists less immigrants fear. Or fuel your MORE FOR ME “greed”. But does it serve the needs of the few, or the needs of the many? It probably serves neither! But no vote means no future voice. So vote something! Vote for greed. Vote for fear. or Vote as an Earth Citizen. but DO vote something…

VOTE! for whatever you believe in…

but DO “VOTE”

By the way, recession is coming in the next 18 months, no matter what we do. In or out, it will be the same. It is coming because it’s that time in the CYCLE. AFAIK the prediction has never been wrong in the last 200 years.

Is it more possible that the EU will look after it’s own in their next recession?
Is it a good time to be negotiating trade agreements and cross border governance afresh?
Will ALL of the predictions of the collapse of the USA economy come true?
Will the Japanese, Chinese and Russians finally get their secret USA back door power play?
Will Brazil finally see it’s day?

Might be good if we can ALL nip over and live in France for a few months drinking cheap wine and partying it up drinking Steines in Germany, during this forthcoming bleak period? I think so !

Will that be easier if we are still in the EU?

So now my un-selfish actions get rewarded 😉 and Europe survives this next recession, stronger.

The needs of the many AND the needs of the few.

I am the few.

You are the few.

Together we are many!

Just VOTE something, as no vote, means no future voice and that means the Orwellian state.
Peter Buick

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