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Content Mastery

“Artice Word Processor” (AWP) is yet to be publicly released, but currently there is a GROUP BUY offer on the Article Content Mastery holding page.

“Content is King” is a glibbly said phrase, but it is becoming even more relevant as compettion increases and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft BING and Ask, hunt down the cheaters and the scammers who use reguritated or scraped VRE.

When you join the group buy info news, you will se form the AWP Product Tour, why AWP is truly teh next generation in article marketing and quality content creation.

It even has an export module in to Pragmatic Video to maximise your content across alternative media formats such as video marketing.

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of regurgitated and spun PLD duplicate content and start thinking in “context”. We explain what that means in the bulk buy info pack.