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Market Discovery Twitter Edition

Market Discovery Twitter Edition

Twitter is one of the most active and responsive social networks available which is easy to use. But it has over 19.2 million users already. Naturally some of those are “uninhibited” marketeers, so there’s a fair amount of spam and tyre kicker “me too” tit-for-tat following going on.

But the real golden people ARE on there.

Keyword targeting is being used heavily by most of the Twitter marketing systems, but this has a serious drawback, in that keyword search can trigger the most irrelevant and even dangerous of responses.

I recently had 117 dentists suddenly follow me when I once said I  was “sick to the high teeth” of inept companies like Virgin ISP, who several months later, still can’t refund me as agreed. So now I will have to sue Virgin to get my money back.  We were all shocked 🙂

While you might think that “Internet marketing” would find you a great source of people who want to do Internet marketing, in the main you are going to find people SELLLING Internet marketing, aka your competitors. Because People who want to “do” it, apparently don’t say that phrase. They are more likely to be active in their niche saying “want to buy my doggie ebook”.

So how does one find the right keywords, discover the Internet of the Tweeter, and stop picking up one off johnnies who use key phrases in different contexts.

Well that is what Market Discovery Twitter Edition does.

BE WARNED it s not some cheap or free me too tool. Only serious businesses wanting to dominate Twitter need buy it.

Market Discovery Twitter Edition