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Surviving the web?

Surviving the web seems to get harder every day.

Faster hosting with CDN

Demands for higher security as hackers grow like the festering puss filled parasite they are.
Demands for mobile users, demands for video viewers, demands for greater speed.

Well at least on the last one, there is an answer.

The CDN to speed your site images & videos:

Beluga (I guess they meant it like the Cavier) is a CND netowrk, with 29 POPs around the world, that you can just “kinda” plug-in to your existing site.

You basically create a CNAME and point it at them, and then put your data there.
With WordPress there are easy ways to flop the image urls over, using W3.

At 1 cent per gigabyte (currently) it’s a lot cheaper than upgrading hosting or using Amazon S3 et al.



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