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software for layers

Software for Life Layers

the book on Amazon by Peter Buick

[ Life Layers on Amazon ]

Here’s a quick screen grab, but the forth coming video explains how and why the software works.

screen grab of my life layers software

As well as being optimised for “layered” thinking, one of the major differences with the Life Layers software, over other project management, goal, todo or organisers, is it addresses the fact that there are many tasks and many of those are cyclic.

My Life Layers software uses “LAST TOUCH” technology, so completed tasks are rotate d back in to the system, for instance, at least for tracking and performance, if not for rejuvenating. But I find very little which doesn’t need rejuvenating at some stage, which is why I invented “LAST TOUCH” technology to handle it.

it also includes a pompadoo timer, to help you focus on each task – that really makes a difference – it’s quite bizarre.

You will be able to buy my Life Layers software from my store [ K2k Store ]