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Big Data in the music industry (hit trending)

Today I’m conflicted…

Do I like this band or not?

When does explicit cross the line of vulgar and hateful?

As an artist should I “engineer” a hot, or not?

As a business man I’m sparked by the concept of “big data” in the music industry being able to predict a “hit” with 70% accuracy (Pandora).

I’m also in awe of a systems that so “song detection” help people find the music they want just by humming a few notes (the hook) in to the platform.
But the “awe bit” comes from then taking that consumer data and making it a “valuable” chart of the music people are MOST searching for and can remember, in to a “Chart”.

As a record label, this information is highly valuable.
But as an “artist” do I really want to “engineer” a hit? When does my art sell out for money?

As an artist I do Read the rest of this entry »