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What is Full Stack Marketing?

full stack marketing how i tfeelsToday I realised I was old 😉 I’m not a millennial (born 1980~2000)

Millennials are supposed to form 49% of the work force soon, from about 25% now. So I found out that one of the fads of this group is something called “FULL STACK MARKETING”

Honestly I’d never heard of it, so I had to do some digging 😉

Apparently a Full Stack Developer is someone who can do BOTH front end and back end. In other words a programmer who can do UIx.
I’ve always done that, but never knew I had a title. So YAY I am a full stack developer.

So what about Full Stack Marketing?

Well it’s much like it sounds. A Full Stack Marketer is a marketer who cover the entire gammit of marketing.

Where as in traditional corporate circles we have several roles and outsource specialist, a full stack market (I’m going to have to abbreviate this to FSM from now on to save my fingers) an FSM does everything.

Particularly popular in “Start-ups” where there isn’t the money to have lots of specialists or freelancers, because of their lean start financing, FSM’s take on these multiple roles covering tech, creative and management roles.

In fact the list is 22 items long 🙁

a bad hair day of full stack marketing

full stack marketing

(full stack developer = front and back end)


  1. Analytics?—?App & Web:
  2. Communications:
  3. Competitor Analysis:
  4. Copywriting:
  5. Customer Success:
  6. Email Marketing & Intelligence:
  7. Lead Generation & Traction:
  8. Marketing Strategy:
  9. Mobile Marketing:
  10. Partnerships:
  11. Predictive Analytics & Marketing:
  12. Pricing Optimisation:
  13. Publicity:
  14. Referral/Influencer Outreach:
  15. Remarketing:
  16. SEO/ASO: (apps)
  17. Social Media & Inbound Marketing:
  18. Split Testing:
  19. Storytelling:
  20. Surveys:
  21. Video Marketing:
  22. Website Auditing:


I do nearly all of that already, but seeing it as a list, makes my head hurt 😉

One group of opinion is that an FSM is a “nice idea” but NEVER actually attainable.
These roles all require specialism and no one can really be a specialist in all of them.

I have to agree. There are people better than me, in all of these areas, bar 1, which is my real specialism (business storytelling).

So I guess the reality of this, especially for bootstrap companies, is your marketing person needs a good overview of these 22 marketing skills., so they know where the bar is, and so that they can fill in any gaps (i.e. holidays) as needed.

But really, if we are going to be serious about this, we need to either have permanent or freelance specialists to really bring home the bacon.

So I’ll have to smile at the millennials who “think” they can be 22 people at once and who still have the youth and energy to “try”.

But the more I do, the more I realise I need to do a LOT less. And being a Full Stack Marketer (FSM) is one of those animals.

So I’m going to just stay a story teller as my prime skill.

But at least I know what Full Stack Marketing is now 😉

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